Minister’s Welcome

Rev. Tony

Welcome to Westmount Congregation

I believe that every life owes gratitude to the influential people who taught them to be better people, more kind, more truthful, and more compassionate then they otherwise would be. For a Christian, the ultimate person we are grateful for is Jesus Christ. He is both the focus of our deepest praise for God and inspiration for our deepest thinking about what it takes to live together in grace, truth, and love for one another. If you want to know God and you want to know what it means to be a good human being than get to know the Way, Truth, and Life of Jesus. No faith community knows these things fully. However if you are searching for a community that is seeking the Way, Truth, and Life for life together than join us for worship and friendship. When you celebrate God with us, we hope you will experience the Spirit of Christ’s amazing love in your own life.
Reverend Tony Rennett

Welcome to our web site.
Enjoy exploring it and see you someday at the church.

Our Mission Statement:

We are a growing family serving Christ.

Who We Are

    • Bible believing and Spirit filled (Acts 13:52, Acts 1:8)

    • Loving and supportive congregation made up of all ages
    • Pray, worship, learn, play, serve our community and each other as we learn about the Good News and how to share it with others
    • Excited and optimistic as we learn together to become more “Christ-centered”
    • Growing in numbers and growing in faith through many opportunities to study God’s Word and fellowship together as we discover God’s perfect will for our lives

Available Services

(Please contact us)
    • Confirmation
    • Weddings
    • Funerals
    • Baptism
    • Visit from the Minister
    • Hospital Visits
    • Communion at Home
    • Prayer Request
    • Membership Transfer

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